Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Google Docs in 8th grade

A few weeks ago, I taught Mrs. Korth's 8th graders how to use Google Docs as a replacement for Microsoft Word.  While Google Docs formats documents just like Word, it allows users to save their work on the web and access it from any computer with Internet access.  The students can also work together on projects and work on the same document at the same time.  The students loved it! 

To learn more about Google Docs, visit docs.google.com.

Welcome to a new year!

We have completed almost one month of the new school year!  Now that you are settled in, I hope that you will enjoy coming into the library for reading and research.  We are planning many exciting activities for this year, including the upcoming Teen Read Week and Scholastic Book Fair.  Keep watching this blog for more details.

Not only will I be using this blog to share fun upcoming events, but it will also be a space to display pictures of classes and events in the library as well as to tell you about new items.  I hope that you find this helpful and check back often.