Thursday, September 26, 2013

Will you accept the challenge?

Okay, NLMSIS, are you ready for a challenge?  I want YOU to read for 100 NIGHTS this year!  Can you do it?  Yes, you can!

I hope that you will participate in our new reading challenge: 100 Nights of Reading.  To participate in the challenge, all you have to do is read for 100 nights during the school year for at least 20 minutes per night.  Use your 100 Nights of Reading log to record your minutes.  Once you complete 25 nights of reading, bring in your completed log and choose a prize from the prize box.  All students who successfully read for at least 100 nights during the school year will be invited to an end-of-the-year celebration.

The best part?  You can double-dip your reading minutes with any reading minutes that you are already doing for your Language Arts classes.  There are also no restrictions on your reading.  Read anything that you like: fiction, nonfiction, magazines, graphic novels, cereal boxes!  The research proves that it is not what you read, but instead how much you read, so read what you like and for the fun of it.

See Mrs. Young or Mrs. Goedderz in the library for new reading logs.  We hope that all of you will participate.

Sharing Books with Biblionasium

All seventh graders and students in Mr. Wegner's class are using the awesome website Biblionasium to share their love of reading.  Biblionasium is an online reading community where students can create their own virtual bookshelves, participate in reading competitions, share book reviews and suggestions, and log their reading.  The students have been enthusiastically sharing their recommendations with one another.  Check out the shelf that I have started.

Here are some students at work creating their shelves.  What fun they are having!