Wednesday, April 11, 2012

You Can't Just Google It!

You can't just Google it! Why? How do I find information then? Those of you who have had the wonderful opportunity of hearing me talk about how best to research know that I cringe when I hear that kids go right to Google when completing research for a school assignment. Why is that bad? Google's results most often do not lead to academic resources. Another problem is the huge list of results that you need to sift through, most of which are unrelated to what you actually need.

Where then should you go to find information? Here are my top sources:
1. Our library databases. Find them by going to the "Library and Resources" link on our website.
2. Print library resources.
3. A search engine created just for students with all of the results checked by information professionals,

Why are these resources so much better than a Google search? The information found in these resources have been written and edited by professionals. Google searches do not provide quality control, meaning that incorrect and incomplete information can appear in your results. In addition, the information in the resources listed above is limited to only the high quality stuff, so you will not have to sift through long lists of results to find what you need.

Do you need further proof? Watch this fun video created using the website xtranormal. See Mrs. Young with any questions or for help in locating high quality information for your research.

You Can't Just Google It!
by: SweetSearch

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