Friday, November 9, 2012

Fifth Grade Internet Safety Partnership with Canada

My fifth grade Integrated Technology students are so excited to be learning about Internet safety!  While this is a topic that I have been teaching for many years, I have decided to try something new with it and sought out a partner school with whom I can team teach.  Luckily I found a fantastic partner in Alan Stange from Sunningdale Elementary in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada!  Throughout the course of this month, Mr. Stange and I will be teaching the same Internet Safety lessons.  Our students will be discussing related issues daily within our common Edmodo group.  We will also be Skyping with them in small groups to carry on discussions and team-teach some lessons.  The final project will involve students at our school partnering with a fourth-grade student from Sunningdale to complete one final web-based project.  I think that you can understand why they are so excited!

Our Edmodo discussions have taken off with some meaningful commentary.  Students also introduced themselves to one another earlier this week via a Skype meeting.  What did we learn?  In reality, the students from Canada have the same likes and dislikes as us and participate in similar activities.  I'll keep you posted on our future connections and conversations.

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