Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Advice to Next Semester Students Using Voki

The end of every semester is bittersweet for me.  I have to say good-bye to one class of Integrated Technology students, but I get ready to welcome a new group of excited fifth graders.  I love their enthusiasm and their willingness to experiment with my new ideas, tools, and toys.  Every semester is a new adventure!

My students are the best PR tools that I have.  They know best how to explain my class to their friends and what their friends need to know to ensure success.  To connect in a 21st century way, each student created a voki and then recorded him or herself giving information about Integrated Technology.  On the first day of our new semester, the new fifth graders will listen to their friends' advice.  Click play on the vokis below to learn more about Integrated Technology as shared by semester one students.

Thanks for a GREAT first semester!


  1. i really like all the one's up there i can not choose a best thank you for all the things you told me because now i am looking forward for I.T