Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Solve our Math Stories!

Last month, sixth grade math students wrote and produced their own animated math stories using GoAnimate 4 Schools. We are now looking for some math problem solvers!

 If you are interested in viewing our math stories and solving the problems in them, click on this link to learn more. Be creative in how you share your solution with us. You can make a screencast of your solution using a whiteboard app such as Educreations or Show Me. You could create a Google Drawing with your answer. You could even make a video sharing your solution. Or, you can simply send your solution in a document. Regardless of the tool used, we want you to become one of our math super sleuths!

 Instructions for sending us your solutions are also on the link above. Thanks for participating, and we can't wait to see if you can solve our math stories!

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