Monday, March 18, 2013

Another Mystery Skype with...

Last Friday, Integrated Technology students practiced their online communication and research skills with another Mystery Skype.  This time students discovered that they were talking with students from Elma, Iowa, a very small town whose population is less than the number of students at the MSIS!  

Instead of having students ask yes or no questions to guess the other school's location, each school gave out a series of clues about their state, county, and city to help one another narrow down the location.  Students used the Google search engine to research the information presented in the clues.

Our clue givers stayed on camera to be ready to give the next clue when needed.

Thanks to students' expert Google Maps and Google searching skills, they quickly discovered one another's location!  We also had a little time at the end to ask one another more questions about our cities.  It was especially fun to share a little trivia about "New Dublin's" St. Patrick's Day traditions and festivities.

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