Thursday, October 3, 2013

Explore our Reading Oasis!

In a little over a week our library will no longer be the same.  On October 14, when you enter our doors,  you will be taken back in time to an age of mummies and ancient tombs.  Our library will no longer be just a library but instead a "reading oasis."  Stop in the library from October 14-21 to shop for some great book fair deals.  We will be open daily from 7:50-3:30 and during parent-teacher conferences on October 15 and 17 from 4-8.  Can't make it to the book fair?  You can shop online by going to our book fair homepage.  Your book fair purchases help us build our school library and promote a love of reading.  We can't wait to see you enter our "reading oasis"!

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