Thursday, December 5, 2013

App Smashing Fun!

Fifth grade students had the chance to be creative through app smashing!  What's app smashing?  App smashing combines multiple apps together to create one end product.  After completing a writing assignment explaining something that a book character holds dear, students created a video in the voice of the character using the app Tellagami.  Tellagami is a fun app that allows users to create their own talking avatars. While recording in Tellagami, students took on the book character's persona and explained an object that each character would argue is a favorite.  Once the recording was completed, students searched for an image that would accurately represent the character's favorite object. 

To also abide by copyright laws, students located images from a rights-cleared image database, ImageQuest. Our students know that in order to legally use images from ImageQuest, they must also cite the image.  To combine the citation with the found image, students used the app Pic Collage.  The final Pic Collage image was saved to the iPad camera roll and then added to the background in Tellagami

Below you will see some of our fifth graders' final creations.  When asked to rate this project, it was a unanimous five out of five stars!


  1. Came across this through the Educational Horizons Magazine of Pi Lambda Theta. Love it and can wait to try it!