Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Cyberbullying Skypes and Video Exchange with Nicaragua

Our global classroom has once again connected with another great partner school.  For our most recent project, Integrated Technology students collaborated with students from the American Nicaraguan School in Managua, Nicaragua, to discuss what they have been learning about cyberbullying.  Our collaboration began in February by meeting via Mystery Skype.  After guessing one another's respective locations, students had the chance to ask a few questions and get to know one another.

Then, students worked in small groups at both schools to create anti-cyberbullying public service announcements.  Using the app Touchcast, students created interactive videos that allowed for the inclusion of external weblinks, polls, and additional images.  Once completed, the videos were uploaded to the Touchcast website and shared with our partner school.  We have to admit that we were a little jealous of the beautiful weather that we observed in the Nicaragua students' videos!  Check out some of our completed Touchcast videos below.

Finally, we met once again via small group Skypes.  Integrated Technology students worked in groups of two or three to talk with one student from Nicaragua using the Skype app on the iPads.  Students carried on conversations about what they learned about cyberbullying and shared their personal experiences.  The students in Nicaragua also gave New London students helpful tips about using Touchcast. 

We learned that cyberbullying is a concern all over the world, not just in the United States.  We loved our chance to collaborate with this great group of students from Nicaragua!  

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