Tuesday, April 16, 2013

National Library Week Detectives

The New London Intermediate Middle School library is looking for a few good detectives during this National Library Week.  Our students are working hard to solve the mysteries that we have created for them to support this year's theme "Communities Matter @your Library."

Our hallways are bustling with students trying to "guess the readers."  Which staff members are hiding behind those books?  Our student detectives are working hard to try and solve this mystery.  Students have until Friday to turn in their matching sheets to see if they are lucky winners of this contest.  All readers will be revealed next week.

The second mystery involves some secret readers that will be appearing throughout the building during this week.  Who are they and where are they from?  Hint: they are members from both our local and digital communities here to read to students.  You never know who will appear in your classroom.  Here are a few mystery readers that stopped by on Monday.  Do you know who they are?

Finally, can you spot the "Lucky Reader" books hidden throughout the library?  Some secret books are checked out to a "Lucky Reader."  If you happen to find one, you will receive a prize at check-out.  You won't know if you are a winner unless you check out a book.  Could the next lucky reader be you?

We are looking for a few more good detectives.  Stop in the library this week and help us solve these mysteries.

Happy National Library Week!

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