Monday, January 6, 2014

5th Grade Blogging Partner Project

The library was dead silent last Friday as 5th graders from Mr. Wegner's class wrote steadily and diligently on their own blogs.  The only sound audible was the tapping of keys as students eagerly typed drafts of their latest Language Arts writing piece.  What got these students so excited and engaged in their writing?  It was not only the knowledge that they would be sharing it for the first time with everyone on their own blogs, but it was especially exciting to know that they were also publishing for their writing partners in Mrs. Castonguay's class from Canada.

Each student from Mr. Wegner's class created his or her own blog using Kidblog and was then paired with a student from Mrs. Castonguay's class.  During the course of the remainder of the school year, students will be using their blogs to post writing drafts and other thoughts for feedback from their writing partners.  The goal is that students not only receive feedback on their writing from a source outside of their classroom walls, but that they also learn how to safely develop a digital connection under the guidance of Mr. Wegner and me.

It has been an exciting beginning!  We look forward to watching the students grow as writers and developing a digital connection with their new friends in Canada.

We would love your feedback on our blogs as well.  Check out Mr. Wegner's Kidblogs and Mrs. Castonguay's Kidblogs.

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