Thursday, January 23, 2014

Schools of the Future using Voki and iFakeText

As semester one comes to an end, I have mixed feelings about the group of Integrated Technology kids who will leave me. While I will miss working daily with this great group of kids, I also want to celebrate how far they have come and the exciting work that they have done!

As a fun culminating activity to challenge them to think about how technology will affect the future of education, I used this idea from Jessica Johnston.  Students first created a Voki of a student who attends school 50 years from now in the year 2064.  Imagining what a student living 50 years from now would share, students considered how technology will make learning different from the way students learn today.  The second step was to create a fake text conversation between themselves and this student of the future using iFakeText.  Upon completion, students saved the fake text file and shared their results via Edmodo.

Below you will see some examples of my students' creativity.  This activity forced students to really think about how technology impacts our lives and how it will impact future generations.  Thanks for a great semester!


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