Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Author Kashmira Sheth Visits NLMS!

You may have heard the giddy rumblings coming from the 7th grade wing of the school early this morning.  Our students (and teachers) were eagerly awaiting a visit from author Kashmira Sheth.  Students were especially excited about this visit since many of them had already read her books Boys Without Names and Keeping Corner during their Read Around the World unit.  In fact, one of our students was so inspired by her writing that his additional research of this author helped him discover that she lived soooooooooo close....Madison, WI!  After a few email exchanges between Kashmira and Mrs. Wilson, she graciously agreed to drive to New London and share her stories with our students.

During her very inspiring presentation, Kashmira shared a bit about her background.  She was born in India and moved to Ames, Iowa to attend the University of Iowa.  She spoke of her experiences moving to a new country and the culture shock that she faced.

Her background and past experiences helped her develop the stories that she shares in her novels.  During her presentation, Kashmira explained how she was inspired to write each of her novels.

Next, she discussed the writing process.  She explained to students the importance of drafting, editing, and revising.  Students were able to see her actual drafts and edited copies.  The time it takes to revise each book varies, but regardless of that fact, revising is an essential and significant part of the writing process.

Then, Kashmira shared an important piece of Indian culture.  She asked a student volunteer to model a traditional sari.  Most saris are six yards long, but some can be as long as nine yards.

Students were absolutely fascinated with her presentation!  It was awesome to be able to connect what they were reading in class to the real stories behind the fiction.  To wrap up the presentation, Kashmira posed for pictures with students and signed copies of their books.  

A very special thank you to Kashmira Sheth for sharing her stories and visiting students in New London.  It was a fantastic day.  


  1. This was so eloquently said and the pictures do a great job depicting the moments! Thank you so much, Mrs. Young!! :)

  2. I had a wonderful time visiting your students! I appreciate all the hard work that you, Mrs. wilson and the other teachers put in. Thank you for inviting me and also for the delicious lunch!