Monday, April 7, 2014

Using Images and Copyright

When it comes to using digital images, copyright law can sometimes be confusing.  Which images can I legally use in my web-based projects?  When do I need to cite my images?  This infographic posed on Edutech for Teachers really helps clarify when images need to be cited and what images are legal to use.

Remember, if the image is not yours, then you need to verify whether or not it is legal for you to reuse.  When reposting on the web or using in a web-based project, permission needs to be granted to use another's image.  Students should not be using images found through a general Google Image search.  Even if the image is cited, permission needs to be granted to reuse it.  Luckily there are some awesome copyright-free image sources available for students.  Please also remember to give proper credit for the image.

To get started finding images that are legal to use, try these sources:
  •  Image Quest- This subscription database contains over 3 million rights-cleared images. Remember to include the image citation as well.
  • Google Advanced Image Search- At the bottom of the search screen, make sure that you change the  usage rights to "free to use or share" or one of the other following options.
  • Morguefile- These images are uploaded by other users, but all are free to reuse.
  • Wikimedia Commons- has many images in the public domain.  Usage rights are labeled under each image.  Please be sure to check how credit should be given to the owner as it varies.
  • Pics4Learning- copyright-friendly photos for education
If you are unsure whether or not you are able to reuse an image, check with your Library Media Specialist.  A great alternative to using others' images is to be creative and take your own images.

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