Friday, May 9, 2014

American Legion Poster Contest

Students in Integrated Technology this semester had the opportunity to participate in our local American Legion Auxiliary Unit digital poster contest.  Students used Google Drawing to create a poster advertising the organization.  Students were taught how to find rights-cleared images to include in their posters.  Students then had to be creative about how to convey the message of the organization while organizing their images and text in an eye-catching, meaningful way.

Once the posters were completed, the representatives from the American Legion voted the top seven posters as winners.  The organization looked for spelling, clear images of American soldiers, the use of their emblem and poppy, and how well the poster conveyed their message.  The students pictured below were all recognized as having the top seven posters, and they were awarded prizes.  Their posters will also be on display throughout New London.

Want to see what our winners created?  Here are the top posters.



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