Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Using Book Creator to Write about Animals

Our 5th grade students have been learning about different types of animals in Science.  As a culminating project, students worked with a partner to research a vertebrate of their choice.  To share the interesting facts that they learned about their chosen animals, students used the iPad app Book Creator to write and illustrate non-fiction books about their animals.  Not only was this a great way for students to teach others about different animals, but this project also connected with their recent Language Arts unit where they studied different elements of nonfiction writing. 

In addition, students learned a little bit more about "app smashing" as they were encouraged to use other apps such as Comic Life, Skitch, and Pic Collage to design some of their pages.  All final products were uploaded to the students' Google Drive where they were shared and viewed by others.

View some of our students' work by clicking on the links below. 

Prairie Dogs by Jocelyn and Emily
Okapi by Zeb and Bo

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